Spare Keys for Strange Doors
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Keep Digging - 60 of 67

One final Kickstarter for September! This one is run by one of our new SpiderForest members - it's volume 5 of the webcomic Root and Branch, and you can pick up the other four volumes as well, if you would like to get caught up on the story!

"Root & Branch volume 5 is following the continuing adventures of a young druid on a sacred quest to gain the wisdom of the Great Tree and keep her people from dying out. Along the way Ariana has encountered those mysterious humans and learned their customs – too often the hard way! Will her skills and tenacity be enough to get her to her goal? In the dark, depths of winter, what challenges will she find?"

I love the traditional art in this story - it's all hand inked and water-coloured - and Ariana is such a cool character! Check it out!

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